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About us
Be part of a community that connects travellers who want to rent out their additional luggage space and people who need to send packages abroad.
Fly & Fetch is more that just a shipping platform
We aim to connect senders and travellers who are willing to help each other out. Our platform is innovating the way people usually send packages abroad, providing access to a cheaper, friendlier, and safer option to everyone who needs to send items to their family and friends.
Whether it's a small gift or a product that is exclusive from a particular country, travellers with extra luggage space can connect with senders to ship goods internationally.
Our mission
Our mission is to connect people from all over the world by creating a safe and trustworthy place to ship goods worldwide.
Our vision
We aspire to create a community built on trust to make international shipping accessible to everyone. We will ship items for everyone, from anywhere to anywhere.
Our core values
Understanding that we are creating moments and trust with both travellers and senders, our main value is to ensure accuracy and honesty throughout each stage of the process.
When creating moments, time is the most valuable resource. We are an adaptable group, founded on the idea of challenging norms to provide efficient solutions for our community.
Striving to improve the world we live in through pushing the creative boundaries to provide a new way of shipping that is safe and dependable internationally.
Our team
Shelvie Fernan
Shelvie Fernan
Shelvie is in charge of business development, sales, and operations. She has a Bachelors of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering and a degree in Business Administration Major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In addition to her job as CEO, she is passionate about food and fashion.
Shane Brass
Shane Brass
Shane is in charge of building and maintaining the Fly and Fetch platform. He has a Bachelors in Computer Engineering and is passionate about entrepreneurship, having founded a separate startup previously. Outside of work, he is interested in electronics and replica prop making.
Victoria Celi
Victoria Celi
Victoria is in charge of marketing and finance. She has a Bachelor of Economics and a degree in Business Administration Major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She loves walking around in nature and travelling and discovering new places whenever she can.